Operatioanl Area

The Warana Valley-unfolded an epic of sorts with the establishment of sugar factory along the Warana river area by, TATYASAHEB KORE A man of great foresight, he realized although the economic condition of the irrigated farmers were up-lifted, the percentage of such farmers was only 15-20%. Further economic development was necessary to cover the dry land farmers, small holders, landless laborers and weaker sections. This leads emergence of one of the country's most successful dairy co-operative.

SHREE WARANA SAHAKARI UTPADAK PRAKRIYA SANGH LIMITED, KORENAGAR was established in the year 1968 by Late Shri. Tatyasaheb Kore with the financial assistance provided by Shareholders and State Government. The object of establishing this dairy was to improve the milk producer's economical, social and educational leave and to provide the employment. This scheme has provided the ready market to the milk producers for sale of mild in the villages through co-operative and on the other hand it provides wholesome, hygienic, good quality, processed milk and milk products to the urban customers at remunerative prices.Since the establishment it iscontinuously progressing. It has been certified by ISO 9002 and HACCP certification. The milk is procured from about 5  tehsils, which are in milk-shed area. At present nearly 763 societies are functioning from 389 villages. The Warana sangh has an elected board of Directors. The plant was expanded in the year 1975, Warana dairy has Five chilling centers at Ganeshwadi, Gandhinglaj, Jath, Mudhol, Solapur ,and milk packaging centers at Washi,Gadhinglaj,Mudhol,Solhapur.Warana Sangh is popular due to "Shrikhand". ln addition to this Butter, Ghee, Table Butter,Lassi, Dahi, Paneer, Cheese, SCM, Milk Powders (SMRWMPJDairy Whitner), Tetra Pack Milk and Flavoured Milk are also manufactured here. This dairy is marketing the products under the brand name 'Warana' which has established good impression through out the Maharashtra. It haa become benchmark for the products in other milk plants.

Warana Milk at a Glance

ADDRESS OF DAIRY :- Shree Warana Sahakary Dudh Utpadack Prakriva Sangh Ltd.
Tatyasaheb Korenagar,
Tal-Panhala Dist-Kolhapur Pin-416113
FORM OF ORGANIZATION:- Co-operative society
DISTANCE FROM CITY:- Warana dairy is 30Km. Away from Kolhapur city.
CATCHMENT AREA FOR MILK COLLECTION:- From the villages of Panhala, Hatkangale, Shirol and Walava Talukas of Kolhapur and Sangali distri

The process on RMRD starts from unloading the Vehicles. The cans are conveyed on Hook chain conveyer. On the way to tilting point auto lid opener opens can lids an organoleptic tests are conducted. If anything wrong with can then it is detected and sue can is taken out from conveyor. Then O.K. cans are unloaded / emptied in dump tan^ manually at tilting point. The cow and buffalo milk are collected aseparetaly om RMRD . The suspected / sour milk is not allowe d to mix with good /fresh milk . It is diverted from that line and conveyed to sour milk dump tank. A lab person or chemi analyses the sample for platform tests such as Fat, ClR, COB, temperature ,etc. machin tests are carried out in separate laboratory chamber.
Sampling is done automatically by auto pneumatic sampler. Sample from each lot ( Tilting tank) is taken in bottles and carried to the milk testing chamber on a sample bottle conveyor.
The cans, which are not properly cleaned, are taken to can scrubber and again loaded to can washer for recleaning. Tanker Reception :
The milk from the chilling centers located at Ganeshwadi, Gandhinglaj, Jath, Mudhol, Solapur etc. is transported by road Milk tankers.
As soon as the tanker arrives at the dock containing processed or chilled milk it is being tested for organoleptic tests and lab tests. After analyzing its quality, O.K. Quality Milk is accepted for further processing and production.
The milk handling capacity of Warana is around 7 lack lit / day

Processing section is the heart of Dairy industry. The milk received from the RMRD cannot be instantly processed. So it is first chilled and stored in silo tanks. Consequently processing is carried out in this section are chilling, storage, pasteurization, cream separation, filtration, clarification , homogenization, standardization, reconstitution and bactofugation.
The equipment's in this section are PHE Chillers, Verticle Silos, SThe equipment's in this section are PHE Chillers, Verticle Silos, Storage Tanks, HTST Pasteurizers, Duplex filters, Self Cleaning Clarifier cum Separators and Bactofuge